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Berkeley Energia Limited (“Berkeley”) (ASX/AIM: BKY) is  developing Europe’s largest uranium project, delivering  sustainable jobs and fuelling Europe’s clean energy future. The  project was transformed by the discovery of the shallow, high  grade Zona 7 deposit which, when integrated into the overall  development plan, makes the project one of the lowest cost  producers globally.

The project benefits from a rare combination of low upfront capital  costs of U$95.7m and very low operating costs of US$15.06 per pound of uranium produced during steady state operations. After  an initial ramp up, production averages 4.4 million pounds per year  during steady state operations.

Having received all the European Union, National, Regional and  Provincial level approvals required, initial construction of the  Salamanca project commenced in late 2016.

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Prairie Mining Limited (“Prairie”) (ASX/LSE/WSE: PDZ) is focused  on the restarting the large scale Debiensko Premium Hard Coking  Coal (HCC) Mine purchased in 2016 and also the development of the Jan Karski Mine, which is located in Lublin, south eastern  Poland.

Prairie was the first mining company to apply international standards  and a systematic quality control approach for all exploration and  development activities in the Polish coal sector.

Since acquiring the fully permitted Debiensko Mine, Prairie has rapidly  advanced the technical studies required to restart mining operations,  having released a successful Scoping Study in early 2017. The  Scoping Study has confirmed that Debiensko Mine can deliver HCC  into Central Europe cheaper than any other producer with very low  capital intensity whilst able to utilise existing infrastructure.

Given these highly favourable fundamentals, the company is currently  in discussions with potential funding and regional offtake parties, and  has also commenced a full BFS.

The Jan Karski Mine is in the final stages of a full BFS being  completed as part of a Strategic Funding and Construction co-operation Agreement between Prairie and China Coal. The Project  is situated adjacent to the Bogdanka coal mine which is one of  Europe’s most successful coal mining companies, with the lowest  operating costs in Europe and currently producing 8 million tonnes per  annum.

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Paringa Resources Limited is an emerging U.S. based energy  provider developing the high margin, low capex Buck Creek  Mining Complex located in the Illinois Coal Basin, one of the  largest and lowest cost coal producing regions in the U.S.

The fully permitted Buck Creek Mining Complex is one of the last  remaining large-scale undeveloped blocks of high quality coal with  direct barge access to the Ohio River system that is not controlled  by a major U.S. coal producer. The Ohio River system feeds  domestic coal-fired power plants and coastal export coal terminals  in the Gulf of Mexico.

Paringa recently completed a Bankable Feasibility Study which  confirmed that the Buck Creek Mining Complex will be a very low  capex and a high margin coal mine producing +6 million tons per  annum. With forward sale agreements and environmental permits  already in place, Paringa is currently finalising its funding activities  to commence construction in 2017.






Salt Lake Potash Limited (“Salt Lake”) (ASX/AIM: SO4) holds  a number of salt lake brine projects across Australia, having  potential for the large scale production of Sulphate of Potash (SOP), a premium agricultural commodity with very limited supply.

With the initial focus on the highly prospective Lake Wells project  situated in Western Australia, the company has rapidly progressed  development with numerous drilling programmes on top of salt  lakes, extensive trenching, pump flow tests, Mineral Resource  upgrades, as well as completion of a successful Scoping Study.

The company is currently finalising a technical study to build the  first Pilot Plant in Australia for SOP production, with construction  scheduled to commence during the second half of 2017.

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